How to Find the Best Beatles Posters for Sale

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The Beatles Album/Movie Images

A lot of reprinted products of The Beatles artworks, such as album covers and promotional posters. It is lovely thing for you and me, The Beatles fans, to put the reprints of our favorite album cover on our wall.

Abbey Road

This poster is of the well-known cover photo of the album “Abbey Road”. Four members of The Beatles are crossing Abbey Road in a line. Their cloths are quite different from each other.

Yellow Submarine

A series of Yellow Submarine prints are available at online stores. Its artwork is very a taste of psychedelic, describing imaginary floating world of unreality.

Let It Be

Here’s a memorable image of “Let It Be” album cover. We have been familiar with its simple composition with no decorative elements, which delivers us somewhat solitary, sad mood. Title lettering is also simple.


A reprint of the promotional poster of a movie “Help” directed by Richard Lester, starring The Beatles. The four band members - John, Paul, George and Ringo - are standing on the top of a three-dimensional-like logo “HELP”.

Group Photos

This category includes a variety of posters which feature such images as black and white snap shots taken on the street, press photos appeared on the magazines’ front covers along with feature articles, promotional photos , and so on. And, sometimes you might be able to find vintage items.

John Lennon

At the online poster market, products of John Lennon seem to have been sold much more than those of other Beatles members. Furthermore, stores have a good selection of well-designed images for sale.

Paul McCartney

More than 40 years has passed since The Beatles disbanded. And, Paul is still continuing his musical life, a tireless worker releasing challenging records, even though he became 70 years old. That is, there are many fans who have supported Paul and attended his concerts for more than half century.

George Harrison

George, the lead guitarist of The Beatles, has regarded as “the quiet Beatle”, for he contributed to the band as a backseat player. Although the numbers of products are not so large compared with those of John or Paul, there are some remarkable posters available online.